Episode 1: Meet the Deb(b)s

The first episode of The Preacher and the Pagan introduces our hosts, Debb Suddard and Deborah Baudoin. Join the Deb(b)s as they discuss theology, history, their individual spiritual paths, and what they hope to accomplish with this podcast.

About the Debs:

Deborah Suddard has two Master degrees in Theology: an M.Div. where she trained to be a minister and liturgist, and an M.A. specializing in Contextual Theology and History. She is Canadian, married, and the mother of four brilliant, curious, talented children (by her own modest admission.) When she’s not living the good life as a religion nerd, she takes virtual hikes around the globe, has her own business (Devlyn Originals), and is an advocate for women, minorities, and other oppressed groups.

Deborah Baudoin has a Bachelor’s in English Literature. She is a U.S. citizen currently soaking up the sun in Arizona. A Recovering Catholic, she and her wife Kat are practicing pagans. When she is not grooving on all things spiritual, she knocks around reading tarot cards, writing fiction and music, arguing politics, and basically making a joyful noise during her time here on Earth.

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