Kids Korner: Jesus cares for vulnerable people (October 3rd)

Read Mark 10:2-16 with your family. This story is in two parts. The first part talks about marriage and divorce. At that time in history, there was a big conversation about what reasons people could use to divorce. Jesus did not answer the question, just like he never answered any question the Pharisees used to trap Jesus into an answer. Instead Jesus talked about the ideal relationship, the way God wants people to behave. Only after did Jesus talk about divorce with his friends and he said people should honour their first marriages or they hurt those people when they have a second marriage.

After that Jesus talked about children again, and was angry when his closest followers were sending the kids away. Jesus said children should come to him, because children understand the kingdom of God better than anyone. They understand what it means to come with nothing and be accepted into God’s new world just because they exist.

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