Kids Korner: Be prepared for God’s call (August 7th)

Read Luke 12:32-40 with your family.

Always being prepared seems hard to do. Waiting is hard.

However, Jesus helps give us something to focus on while we wait: Focus on what we value, what we consider ‘treasure’. Not trinkets we pick up or stones we have gathered, but what would make us really sad if we lost it.

Jesus said focus on our treasure and make sure it is something really, really important. Jesus also suggested that God be that treasure.

When we focus on God, then we will be prepared for when God calls us to do things. Waiting won’t seem so hard if we do that.

God will come to us at any time, asking us to do acts of kindness and bring love into the world. God might ask us to do something big or something small, but no matter what God asks us to do, we can do it with God’s help.

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