Kids Korner: Thanksgiving Sunday (October 9th)

Read Luke 17:5-10 with your family.

This is one of those hard-to-understand parts of the Bible, but on Thanksgiving Sunday the image of God being greater than food fits into our celebration of God being the source of life that gives us everything we need to live and make a new world where everyone has equality.

In the Hebrew culture, bread was a symbol of God being with the people. Every Sabbath in the Temple, the priests would have 12 fresh loaves of bread called Bread of Presence or ‘Showbread’ that symbolized God being there with the priests. The priests ate the bread through the week.

When you know that was part of the Hebrew temple tradition, it is easier to understand why Jesus was talking about himself being the bread. They already understood that God was present in the bread, so Jesus was telling them he was God and was here to give them something even more important than everyday food.

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