Kids Korner: Nicodemus (Lent III, March 12th)

Read John 4:1-42 with your family.

The Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well was well respected by her community as well as by Jesus. When she asked questions he answered, and when she was confused he explained in more detail.

Imagine a woman who had to go to the well every day for water and never having enough, being told there was Living Water that would always be available to her. It’s understandable that she thought Jesus was talking about the water in the well beside them, and she wanted that. Even after Jesus told her the water was a spiritual experience that would always make her soul feel better the way water made her throat fell better, she wanted it. She knew that promise was from the Messiah, and Jesus told her that was who he was. She was overjoyed. She understood. She got her friends to come and talk to Jesus, too.

The disciples were confused by Jesus talking to a woman alone, because that usually wasn’t done in their society, but they didn’t challenge Jesus. They listened as Jesus explained what had happened in terms of harvest. The disciples didn’t understand, so Jesus explained it in more detail. Jesus explained that the harvesting they had to do was gathering people and telling them about God’s love.

People are ‘thirsty’ for the love of God. They want to know they matter and that they are loved. It is up to us, just like the disciples, to tell people how much God loves them. And when these people have their own experience of God’s love, they will tell others, too.

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