Kids Korner: Calling Philip and Nathaniel (January 17th)

2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Epiphany is the season after Christmas (the first set of green blocks), and separates the Advent/Christmas season from Lent/Easter. In Epiphany we learn about the beginnings of Jesus ministry and the calling of the disciples.

Our Story


Have you ever played the game telephone?

Sit with your family in a circle, close enough to whisper in the ear of the person sitting next to you. Whisper a message into their ear. That person has to whisper the same message into the ear of the next person. The last person says the message out loud. Is it the same message?

When Jesus told the disciples that he chose them, he spoke to each of them and asked them to follow him. Just like the game of telephone, he made each of the disciples responsible for passing along the message about God’s love and how we can create God’s community on earth.

When you are playing telephone with your family, try these messages:

  1. God loves all of you including the hairs on your head.
  2. Let’s learn about Jesus together.
  3. Philip said come and see what Jesus has to say.


Listen to the story again, Gospel of John 1:43-51.

Imagine you are with Jesus: What do you think it would feel like if Jesus called you instead of Philip and Nathaniel?

Act out the story with your family or action figures or dolls.

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