Kids Korner: Jesus is tempted (February 21st)

1st Sunday in Lent

Lent is the long purple section. It is 40 days + 6 Sundays before Easter. It is a time to think about our choices and how we want to do better. It is also a time of prayer and giving.

How to Lent with Kids

Our Story


Do you like to spend time alone thinking? Maybe thinking about a big project or about one of your friends?

In our story today, Jesus spent time thinking alone. He had a big job to do and needed to spend some time getting ready. In today’s Gospel we read “Mark 112 At once the Spirit forced Jesus out into the wilderness. 13 He was in the wilderness for forty days, tempted by Satan. He was among the wild animals, and the angels took care of him.”

Imagine what Jesus was thinking about and talk about it with your family.


“Satan” can be a scary word. Many painters imaged ‘satan’ as an angry monster with red skin and wings, but the Bible does not say that at all.

The word ‘satan’ in the Bible means the one who tests us, the one who tells us we can make the easy or selfish choice and it will be okay. We call this Temptation.

Have you ever noticed when we say the Lord’s Prayer, we say “lead us not into temptation”? Every time we pray that prayer we are asking God to help us make good choices. And sometimes those good choices are hard choices.

Some good and hard choices are: not cheating on a test; standing up to a bully; spending time with your siblings even when they are annoying.

What are some other good and hard choices? Talk about them with your family.

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